I’ve been meaning to try out some food photography for a while now, and thought what better time to cook up some treats than Superbowl!

Many people will tell you to be wary of my cooking (especially when I get adventurous with cakes – its never a pleasant culinary experience – trust me!) ….. however I feel I’m slowly redeeming myself in the kitchen.

This morning I went ‘by the book’ and followed all the recipes precisely, and the results were YUMMY!

As this is our first Superbowl as residents of Virginia we rustled up some  scrumptious ‘southern’ comfort food. Nathaniel made his amazingly delicious devilled eggs, and then cheesy meatloaf with fresh green beans and mash.

I took on dessert – fruit topped pavlova and  warm pecan pie with creamy peach ice cream.

Heres a few pics of the goodies to make your mouth water!……

Nathaniel's devilled eggs

Homemade peach ice cream

Warm pecan pie with bourbon


Snow cats…

Wednesday night the heavens opened and showered us with 5-6 inches of fresh snow overnight!

The water and power were cut off for most of the day and night forcing us into a bit of good ol fashioned talking by candlelight.

By morning the sky was blue and the snow was crisp  – perfect conditions for catching the antics of Tom and Fuzzy cat as they clowned around in the white stuff!


So this is a bit blurry, but had to put it in for entertainment value…..

Another day and another attempt….still no cardinal – however I did spot these little characters among the twigs and bushes!



Winter birds…

I’ve been admiring all the little winter birds that seem to congregate outside the window lately and thought this afternoon I would get some shots!  I stood for about half an hour (freezing my ass off!) at dusk and only managed to get this little blue bird, but loved the contrast of the blue feathers with the sunset and trees.

I have my eye on a bright red cardinal that comes here often so will maybe try and get him on camera one morning when i’m wrapped up a bit warmer!


Blue and gold

The other day I started messing around with this glass ball – seeing how it looked with light shining through it at different angles – I then mustered together some other blue and gold treasures from around the room to compliment it and make this collage of colours….


This afternoon I had all intention of trying out some food photography, but as so often happens I got sidetracked!

So at dusk I stole half an hour with the critters here in the paddock which is always amusing – the pony (Murphy)  has a cheeky temper and likes nothing more than chasing the goats if he thinks there’s any possibility they may get in the way of him, food and me!

I love old tins and boxes and anything with history or a story behind it! here’s a collection of trinkets and knick-knacks from our room here at the house….