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Snow cats…

Wednesday night the heavens opened and showered us with 5-6 inches of fresh snow overnight!

The water and power were cut off for most of the day and night forcing us into a bit of good ol fashioned talking by candlelight.

By morning the sky was blue and the snow was crisp  – perfect conditions for catching the antics of Tom and Fuzzy cat as they clowned around in the white stuff!


So this is a bit blurry, but had to put it in for entertainment value…..

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Hello World!

A new year and a fresh start! and with the new year comes new resolutions….mine being this photo-blog.

This photographic diary will document my efforts to start taking more pictures – and – as we have recently ‘upped sticks’ and moved from England to Virginia I hope it will  serve as a way for friends and family to keep in touch and see whats going on  across the pond!

So here goes…..

A few pictures of Fuzzy Fox who is often found sunning himself on our bed…..

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