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uy Fawkes Night (AKA Bonfire night) in the UK is one of my favourite days of the year..mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, snuggling in wooly hats and eating hog roast rolls and apple sauce – mmmm …..alas I missed it this year as its not commonly celebrated in the States, however my husband surprised me with a few rocket fireworks and some mulled wine (ahhh)

I had also found a toffee apple in Giant so that made it a little more authentic for us, I’d snapped a few pics of it earlier in the day with some fall color leaves, just the one photo this time!

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Yesterday I went for a hike in Prince William National Forest, the leaves were in full colour and it was amazing to walk through the leafy tunnels of red and gold. I gathered up a few leaves and twigs as I walked as we’ve just acquired a macro lens and I was keen to give it a test run! Here are a few snaps….

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