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Maple Buds

Yesterday the clocks sprung forward, and with them came a real sense that Spring has finally arrived (thank goodness!)

I havent taken many photos in a while so with the opportunity of a stroll yesterday- I took some photos to document all the new life going on around here.

We are off to New Orleans in 11 days so may not update the blog for a week or two but hope to have lots of fun pictures to share from the french quarter once we’re home! adios!

Sophie the Kid


Mother & Baby

Mad March Horse!

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Milly has been expecting for a while but we haven’t been sure WHEN the little kids would arrive as the dates were a bit muddled. She’s been a little peculiar the past week so we guessed something was happening….and….lo and behold ……Friday morning I popped down to let her out and a little head popped up from behind her! Two gorgeous little twins, and they are adorable!

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This afternoon I had all intention of trying out some food photography, but as so often happens I got sidetracked!

So at dusk I stole half an hour with the critters here in the paddock which is always amusing – the pony (Murphy) ┬áhas a cheeky temper and likes nothing more than chasing the goats if he thinks there’s any possibility they may get in the way of him, food and me!

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