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uy Fawkes Night (AKA Bonfire night) in the UK is one of my favourite days of the year..mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, snuggling in wooly hats and eating hog roast rolls and apple sauce – mmmm …..alas I missed it this year as its not commonly celebrated in the States, however my husband surprised me with a few rocket fireworks and some mulled wine (ahhh)

I had also found a toffee apple in Giant so that made it a little more authentic for us, I’d snapped a few pics of it earlier in the day with some fall color leaves, just the one photo this time!

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Snow cats…

Wednesday night the heavens opened and showered us with 5-6 inches of fresh snow overnight!

The water and power were cut off for most of the day and night forcing us into a bit of good ol fashioned talking by candlelight.

By morning the sky was blue and the snow was crisp  – perfect conditions for catching the antics of Tom and Fuzzy cat as they clowned around in the white stuff!


So this is a bit blurry, but had to put it in for entertainment value…..

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Another day and another attempt….still no cardinal – however I did spot these little characters among the twigs and bushes!



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Winter birds…

I’ve been admiring all the little winter birds that seem to congregate outside the window lately and thought this afternoon I would get some shots!  I stood for about half an hour (freezing my ass off!) at dusk and only managed to get this little blue bird, but loved the contrast of the blue feathers with the sunset and trees.

I have my eye on a bright red cardinal that comes here often so will maybe try and get him on camera one morning when i’m wrapped up a bit warmer!


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