Bonfires and Apples


uy Fawkes Night (AKA Bonfire night) in the UK is one of my favourite days of the year..mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, snuggling in wooly hats and eating hog roast rolls and apple sauce – mmmm …..alas I missed it this year as its not commonly celebrated in the States, however my husband surprised me with a few rocket fireworks and some mulled wine (ahhh)

I had also found a toffee apple in Giant so that made it a little more authentic for us, I’d snapped a few pics of it earlier in the day with some fall color leaves, just the one photo this time!

Autumn leaves

Yesterday I went for a hike in Prince William National Forest, the leaves were in full colour and it was amazing to walk through the leafy tunnels of red and gold. I gathered up a few leaves and twigs as I walked as we’ve just acquired a macro lens and I was keen to give it a test run! Here are a few snaps….

H appy Independence day!…this being my first in the states I decided i’d make the most of it and relax for the day. I wanted to have a play around with the hubbys 50mm lens so I grabbed next doors cute-AS baby bunnies, some of the mother in-laws china, a few flowers and hey presto! Think i’m getting the hang of it. Hope you’re all having a fun day too. Bye for now…..



A few photos of my little niece I took today. Her and her parents have been staying at the house with us all for a few weeks and are moving to their gorgeous new home in North Carolina on Sunday, I’m going to miss her sweet little face!

I have been very, very bad at keeping up with this blog since March, its been pretty busy with a roadtrip to New Orleans, friends and family visiting from England, and our wedding of course! I have put together a few pictures I took of the bits and pieces from our wedding in April, and I have some lovely photos of Charleston and Huntington State Park I took on honeymoon so will update it pronto! 

shoes and table decor


photo courtesy of Iain Mercer

favor bags and cards

Maple Buds

Yesterday the clocks sprung forward, and with them came a real sense that Spring has finally arrived (thank goodness!)

I havent taken many photos in a while so with the opportunity of a stroll yesterday- I took some photos to document all the new life going on around here.

We are off to New Orleans in 11 days so may not update the blog for a week or two but hope to have lots of fun pictures to share from the french quarter once we’re home! adios!

Sophie the Kid


Mother & Baby

Mad March Horse!

Milly has been expecting for a while but we haven’t been sure WHEN the little kids would arrive as the dates were a bit muddled. She’s been a little peculiar the past week so we guessed something was happening….and….lo and behold ……Friday morning I popped down to let her out and a little head popped up from behind her! Two gorgeous little twins, and they are adorable!

I’ve been meaning to try out some food photography for a while now, and thought what better time to cook up some treats than Superbowl!

Many people will tell you to be wary of my cooking (especially when I get adventurous with cakes – its never a pleasant culinary experience – trust me!) ….. however I feel I’m slowly redeeming myself in the kitchen.

This morning I went ‘by the book’ and followed all the recipes precisely, and the results were YUMMY!

As this is our first Superbowl as residents of Virginia we rustled up some  scrumptious ‘southern’ comfort food. Nathaniel made his amazingly delicious devilled eggs, and then cheesy meatloaf with fresh green beans and mash.

I took on dessert – fruit topped pavlova and  warm pecan pie with creamy peach ice cream.

Heres a few pics of the goodies to make your mouth water!……

Nathaniel's devilled eggs

Homemade peach ice cream

Warm pecan pie with bourbon

Snow cats…

Wednesday night the heavens opened and showered us with 5-6 inches of fresh snow overnight!

The water and power were cut off for most of the day and night forcing us into a bit of good ol fashioned talking by candlelight.

By morning the sky was blue and the snow was crisp  – perfect conditions for catching the antics of Tom and Fuzzy cat as they clowned around in the white stuff!


So this is a bit blurry, but had to put it in for entertainment value…..

Another day and another attempt….still no cardinal – however I did spot these little characters among the twigs and bushes!